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In Solidarity with the People..For A Just & Dignified Landscape

Established in the year 2020 in the Eastern port town of Trincomalee, the People’s Solidarity Platform has strived to work with people in the grassroots supporting the most vulnerable communities to witness Socio-Economic Upliftment, Progress and Development. We want to see pragmatic and lasting solutions in the lives of many people who have been isolated and marginalized in the extreme cluttered corners of the region. We want to do this by mobilizing and engaging with communities, empowering them to take decisions that can change their lives from the consequences of poverty and social instability.

We work in the rural onsets supporting people with solutions for relief and development in the sectors of Poverty reduction through livelihoods and entrepreneurships, Water and sanitation, Women empowerment, Access to dwelling spaces (Semi-permanent housing and permanent housing) Rural Agricultural, fisheries and industrial development.


Mobilize…. Motivate…..Moderate


Empowered Communities .Dignified Landmarks.

Leading the Way. A People’s Paradigm

The Platform is led by a leadership council of executives, academics and professionals chaired by social activist Hon. Mustaffa Niwas who have significantly worked with his innovative team to moderate an entity that stands for the betterment of the ever-excluded marginalized communities whose lives are shattered due to the consequences of this cluttered social fabric.

The People’s Council of  the Platform is moderated and guided by Change-maker Philip Murugiah who is passionate about Sustainable Institutions and always stood for the Values and guiding principles of the Platform


Hon Mustafa Niwas

Chair Person | Executive Director

People’s Solidarity Platform.

I’m extremely privileged and honored to witness the momentum and spirit of Humanity that has opened avenues to serve the most vulnerable communities in this partof the world. The greatest achievement of our mission has been the rejuvenation of the rural economy and lifestyles through our well planned actions for socioeconomic development.

Realizing the extreme commitment of the rural communities for change, our change-agents have strived to mobilize and empower the communities in the most rural outskirts of the region to participate and involve in our steadfast projects for socio-economic empowerment.

I’m grateful to the splendid support provided by our donors and stakeholders who have stood with us in their greatest commitment to change the socioeconomic paradigm and shifting the lifestyles of the rural communities towards growth and sustainability.

Day by day as our mission grows wider reaching the people in the most cluttered corners we are committed to share the real stories of the grassroots with all our supporters and donors, admiring and praying for their commitment to serve the world.

May the Almighty grant all the mercies to the ones who have supported our cause for change and prosperity.




Throughout this long span of working with the Communities in the most cluttered rural onsets, I have always believed in my cause of putting people in the center of Development planning and execution. I have a steadfast hope that our mission for Mobilizing, Motivating and Moderating will produce blooming results to transform the landscapes and the lives of the People who have believed in our Charisma and their ability to change their lives. . Together with empowered communities we will strive to build lasting solutions for prosperity & sustainability.

I stand with my People to witness Justice and Dignity.

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